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My profiles[edit | edit source]

  • facebook, vk - pretty the same set of posts, but fb has the english versions. Most of my photos taken on a camera are there.
  • instagram - my photos taken on a mobile phone (and sometimes on a camera).
  • - here I collect the regions I've visited.
  • - here I collect coins.
  • inaturalist - here I collect plants, bug, animals, etc.
  • github - my public code.
  • duolingo - here I play in languages learning.

The main sections of the wiki[edit | edit source]

  • Tech: programming, security, system-level stuff.
  • Travel: plans, travel notes, etc (in russian).
  • Languages: stuff that helps me with foreign languages (English, German, etc)
  • Photo: stuff related to my hobby of pictures shooting.
  • Misc: all other stuff.